Build your organization’s social following

Creative Cloud for teams gives you access to everything you need to create content, including 20+ desktop and mobile apps. These tools will help you increase productivity and creativity. From Photoshop to Illustrator, and InDesign these apps are great for all projects and with team libraries, you can easily collaborate and share projects.

Share feedback easily throughout the design process and view it directly in your creative cloud apps. Watch this video from Adobe to see how easy it is to review files.

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Step Up your Customer Service with Adobe InDesign

Customer service is so important when creating lasting relationships with customers and other businesses. We’ve all seen great examples of this from companies like Chewy, who go above and beyond with their customers. And while we are all busy here are some easy ways to improve your customer service and create lasting relationships with customers and other partners.

Sending thank you cards or holiday cards may seem like a small gesture it can mean so much to a customer who may have felt like just another transaction. Adobe InDesign gives you the ability to create simple greeting cards that you can then print through another service. These greeting cards can be personalized to your organization as thank you cards, holiday cards, birthday cards, or whatever you are in need of! Customers love receiving personalized items from organizations they support and are patrons of. To see how to create your own cards check out this post from Adobe.

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Work remote and Stay connected

DropBox for Business allows you and your team to work remotely but still stay connected on a day-to-day basis. Seamlessly integrates with other apps your organization uses like Slack, Zoom, HelloSign, and many others. No matter what your non-profit is, DropBox makes it easier for all departments to work together and execute one cohesive mission. Click here to see if DropBox can be used with the apps your organization uses. Email us at sales@genesis-technologies or request a quote for DropBox here.

Say Hello to eSignatures

HelloSign is your answer to quickly and easily receiving eSignatures for your organization. Whether it is for onboarding new employees, integrating signatures into your website, or any documents that need legally binding signatures. With HelloSign you can upload documents your organization already uses, and create new templates to use over and over again. The eSignatures obtained through HelloSign are legally binding, secure, and faster than paper. Find out if HelloSign is the right solution for your non-profit here.

Why You Should Use The Livescribe Echo 2 Smartpen

As part of a non-profit organization, I’m sure you have more important things to do than retyping handwritten notes. Handwritten note-taking and scratch pads are usually easier than typing during meetings and throughout the day. The hassle comes when converting them to sharable files and documents which is tedious and time-consuming. The Smartpen by Livescribe helps you stay organized by recording everything you write, say, and hear. It’s also compatible with Android, iOS, windows, and Mac. Personally, as someone who is a big advocate for handwritten notes, I love the Echo 2 Smartpen. I can easily link it to whatever device I’m using and share my handwritten notes as text.

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