Whether you’re a Windows user, a Mac user, or an IT professional, chances are your organization is using some Microsoft software. Licensing for Microsoft can be obtained either through purchasing retail box sets or through a volume licensing program. For non-profits, Microsoft has all of their software available as part of the Volume Licensing Service Center which makes managing and deploying licenses very easy. On top of that, there are huge discounts available for 501c3 qualified non-profit organizations.

“huge discounts available for 501c3 qualified non-profit organizations”

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing volume licenses from a reseller like Genesis Technologies is that all of Microsoft’s licenses give you the ability to downgrade to your desired version. For example, let’s imagine that your organization has 10 computers in the office. Four of these computers are on Windows XP and 4 are on Windows Vista – the remaining two are on Windows 7. Your IT manager has decided it’s about time to upgrade all the computers to Windows 7. To do so, you would need to purchase a total of 8 Windows upgrade licenses. If you click on the link in the last sentence, you will notice it takes you to a product called “Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade”. You might think to yourself, “I didn’t want Windows 8. I want to upgrade to Windows 7”. By buying those upgrade licenses though, it will allow you to install the Windows 8 upgrade or any of the previous two versions (Windows 7 or Windows Vista). Even if you decided to just install Windows 7 right now, you can have some piece of mind knowing that you can always upgrade to Windows 8 anytime in the future. That same process applies to all the other Microsoft licenses including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows Server.

If you would like to see all the licensing options available from Microsoft, please click the link here. As always, feel free to reach out to a Non-Profit licensing consultant by calling 800-433-6326.