How to install Microsoft Volume Licensing software

After submitting an order to us and providing the necessary non-profit/501c3 documentation, the order is sent off to Microsoft for processing. That normally takes anywhere between 3-5 days after which you should receive an email from Microsoft with instructions on how to access and download your licenses. If you can’t find that email, these instructions below should help shine some light on the process.

Your Microsoft Open License order has been processed by Microsoft, and your licenses have been issued.

Here is the procedure for downloading your software and accessing your volume license keys:

Step 1

Click here to reach the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (

Step 2

You need to sign in here using the email address that you used on your order.

If you already have a Microsoft Account set up using this email address, you will be directly able to log in to the Microsoft Volume License Center. You can then proceed to Step 3.

If you do not have a Microsoft Account using this this email address then you need to create a Microsoft Account using this email address.
Click on the link that reads “Don’t Have a Microsoft Account? Sign up Now” and create a new Microsoft Account using this email address.

Once you have completed the sign up process, you will receive a validation email from Microsoft.

Click on the link within the validation email to activate your account. You can now go back to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (Step 1) to sign in.

Step 3

It takes Microsoft approximately 2 hours after the receipt of this email message to update your information on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center web site.
Log in to your account 2 hours after you receive this email and accept the terms of the Volume License Agreement (Scroll down the Open License Agreement; enter your full name and click on ‘I Accept’).

You will be now able to access the Volume License Keys and download the software from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Website.

For any questions about this process you may contact Microsoft Licensing Support at 866-230-0560.

Why is there a minimum purchase for Microsoft software?

Microsoft Volume Licensing Pic

If you have tried to order something off of our Microsoft non-profit page, you’ve probably noticed that there is a minimum limit of 5 licenses on every product you click on. We’re not doing that to be greedy, I promise! That’s built into those products because all of the Microsoft licenses you would buy from us are part of Microsoft’s Open Volume Licensing program. This program is designed to allow organizations of all types to buy discounted software on a recurring basis. Also, that five license minimum is only a requirement for you first order. After your initial order you will have a Microsoft Authorization number that allows you to come back and purchase any number of licenses within 2 years of that initial purchase. If you end up purchasing 5 licenses of any Microsoft products within that 2 year period, your authorization can continue indefinitely.

So what if you don’t want 5 licenses of Office?

To satisfy the 5 license minimum purchase on your first order, you always have the option to mix-and-match. For example, you could by (2) license of Microsoft Office Pro, (1) license of Microsoft Office Standard, (1) Windows 8 upgrade, and (1) standalone license of Microsoft Outlook. There isn’t a way to mix-and-match like this on our website at this time, so we suggest that you give us a call at 800-433-6326 and speak to a designated non-profit software consultant who can process your order over the phone.