Interested in Cloud-Based Workflows? is an add-on for creative cloud apps to aid in collaboration. This app allows for real-time review and approval, media sharing, Camera to cloud transfers, 100GB of storage, and more. Online feedback will enable you to reduce revision time and manage 5 projects at a time!

Adobe is hosting a free webinar for users to learn more about Cloud-Based Workflows on April 27th at 10am. Register here for the webinar! If you don’t yet have any Adobe creative cloud apps, request a quote for your organization with us. We offer special pricing for 501c3 non-profits and other organizations. Whether you need the full Adobe creative cloud suite or a few individual apps for your creative team we can help!

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Adobe CC: What’s new for video editors & directors?

As you’re probably already aware of, a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to new features and updates as soon as they’re released by Adobe. In the new Premiere Pro CC (2016) and After Effects CC (2016), you’ll find new “ingest workflows” which will allow you to continue editing while importing in the background. Of course, the ability to do that is not entirely novel but you can be sure that the speed and **important** STABILITY will be greatly improved.

With the latest software updates you’ll be certain that your expensive computing hardware will be used to its fullest extent, allowing you to work with any type of video format. Plus, you could even work in native 8k!

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Adobe User License vs. Device License

Here at Genesis Technologies we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the Adobe Creative Cloud software. It always comes down to “Should I get a User License or a Device License?”. So I decided to make a simple chart that breaks down the differences. Take a look below!

Adobe Creative Cloud User License vs Device License

Adobe for Government

We here at Genesis Technologies are proud to announce that we can now do business with the Federal, State, and Local government. We have discounted items available from Adobe for governmental organizations.

If you are looking for a cheap solution for Adobe for Government, please visit our website: