Wacom Intuos Pro 2017 Review

The New Wacom Intuos Pro 2017 Review In Few Words (Mini Review) With a new look & nice new features, the new Intuos Pro is a step ahead in advancing graphics tablet, especially with the new feature. It may not be worth it if you own the previous Intuos Pro model, but it’s certainly a great upgrade from the much older Intuos, as well as the Bamboo or the Intuos line (the 2015 models & before). If you own a non-Wacom graphics tablet, this could be one of your options. The rough texture on The new Intuos Pro, while something some artists would like, as it imitates the way paper texture works, could also mean that the pen nib old wear up faster. Something many won’t like.

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Veritas Releases New Solutions For Multi-Cloud Use

Building off of new alliances and partnerships the company has made with Google, IBM, and Microsoft, Veritas Technologies today announced new solutions for multi-cloud environments. According to Veritas, the new solutions are designed to provide organizations unprecedented visibility into cloud-based data, bi-directional cloud migration for critical workloads and snapshot-based data protection optimized for multi-cloud environments.

Not only is cloud adoption and utilization growing in organizations, multi-cloud (as the name implies, the use of two or more clouds to pool more benefits or backup between the clouds) is also rapidly increasing. According to IDC, 90% of enterprise organizations plan to utilize multi-cloud architectures over the next few years. If the estimate is correct it will radically drive up the use and adoption of multi-cloud, but that may just compound some of the issues that come with multi-cloud. These issues can include: lack of data visibility, complicated migration paths that also frequently result in cloud lock-in, a mistaken perception that because data is in the cloud, it does not need to be protected, not to mention governance issues for data that may reside in several places at once. Veritas’s new solutions aim to address theses issues.

Veritas is introducing a new Information Map S3 Connector that will enable visibility of cloud-based data. Veritas states that the connector will provide a real-time picture and interactive view of their unstructured data assets that reside in S3-enabled cloud storage repositories. Increased visibility lets organizations make better decisions on where data needs to be stored, whether or not it needs to be backed up, and whether or not it can be deleted. The new connector will also help enterprises comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which takes effect in May, 2018. Veritas found that only 1 in 10 enterprises believe that GDPR compliance is their responsibility. Under GDPR, organizations are just as responsible for adhering to the same data privacy mandates for data stored in the cloud – including any public cloud – as well as data stored on-premises.

To help enterprises safely and secure migrate workloads, Veritas is introducing its CloudMobility. With Veritas CloudMobility companies will be able to migrate complex workloads to the cloud or from the cloud back to on-premises through a single click. A big concern of migrating workloads is what if something goes wrong? Waiting for something to fail is no answer so CloudMobility offers a pre-migration testing so user will know what to expect before hand.

Veritas is also offering protection in multi-cloud environments with CloudPoint. CloudPoint leverages snapshot-based data protection to solve aggressive data recovery objectives and institute consistent data protection policies, regardless of where the workloads are located. To help customers avoid vendor lock-in and data silos, CloudPoint’s snapshot technology works across multi-cloud environments.

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The New MAGIX Video Pro X: Deep Color Grading and New Video Effects for Pro Filmmakers! (Industry Press Release)

MAGIX is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its video editing software, Video Pro X. An unrivaled spectrum of innovative features makes Video Pro X the most attractive choice in its price range for video enthusiasts with high creative demands. From 10-bit HEVC decoding/encoding and professional color grading to 360° editing and precise audio mastering, the latest version offers powerful tools for broadcast-quality results. In addition, scalable proxy editing, preview rendering and hardware acceleration enable real-time video editing in HD, 4K and 360°.

Professional Color Grading

Built-in 16-bit deep colour processing in Video Pro X provides greater creative freedom and detailed colour correction via the color grading workflow – including true colour space handling for broadcast-ready results in 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. Colour-true processing of material is carried out by precise measuring instruments: vectorscope, waveform monitor, histogram and RGB parade. The software supports all formats from the professional and consumer sector such as ProRes, HEVC 10-Bit, AVC and MPEG-2. Thanks to new support forlookup tables (LUT) in Video Pro X, it can sync flat recordings with LUTs from the camera manufacturer or upload cinematic effect LUTs to create unique film styles. Lookup tables save color grading information and can easily be imported and applied, or custom created and saved.

Media & Authoring

The new version supports a diverse range of formats and cameras from the professional and consumer sector such as H.264 and HEVC/H.265 or formats including ProRes, AVC-Intra and DVCPRO that can be imported via the multi-format timeline and edited without any need for conversion. The integrated tagging & logging functionfor metadata guarantees a clear overview of all media and takes. To finalize projects, Video Pro X offers professional authoring functions for creating DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. There are also a range of animated templates for menus or the option to create your own.

Precise Audio Processing

Precise tools for audio restoration, sound mixing, TV-compliant loudness normalization according to EBU R 128 norms and extensive mastering plug-ins are also included in Video Pro X, allowing for professional audio editing at the post-production stage. Thanks to VST2 standard support, audio production plug-ins can be added to Video Pro X at any time. Following mixing, finalize sound via the master channel with the Mastering Suite – including 5.1 surround sound. Audio tracks can be exported to hard drives or transferred to external audio editors using the interface (EDL).

Professional Effect Design

Video Pro X offers a range of GPU-optimized video effects for creative editing. The new professional-sector effects are a particular highlight and include broadcast colour, tone value correction, LAB adjustment, noise and blur masking effects for broadcast ready results. Use masks to apply effects to specific areas of the image or attach media to moving elements with the professional object tracking feature. There’s a whole range of additional features for finalizing productions, such as captions, text fades, title templates, travel route animation and intros and outros.

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Adobe For Non-Profits: Who Qualifies?

Nonprofit eligibility

Adobe offers nonprofit pricing discounts in our VIP (Value Incentive Plan) and TLP (Transactional Licensing Program) programs globally.  See if your organization is eligible for Adobe nonprofit prices.

Eligible Organizations

A nonprofit and non-governmental organization in the United States must be a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Outside the United States organizations must be qualified or registered as a public charity under the relevant local country’s laws (and where applicable hold a tax exempt certificate), or if no such local laws exist, then organizations must be the equivalent of a U.S. public charity.  Eligible organizations must also operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community that could include, but is not limited to:

  • Providing relief to the poor
  • Advancing education
  • Improving social and community welfare
  • Preserving culture
  • Preserving or restoring the environment
  • Promoting human rights

Ineligible Organizations

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following types of qualified or registered nonprofit customers are ineligible for nonprofit pricing at Adobe:

  • Organizations that have not obtained recognized charitable status in their respective country;
  • Private foundations;
  • Hospitals, clinics, or facilities providing direct medical care (except FQHCs in the US);
  • Health management systems, HMOs, PPOs, or other healthcare organizations;Government funded research laboratories;
  • Government organizations or agencies, including international governmental organizations and United Nations Entities;
  • Schools, colleges, and universities;
  • Political or lobbyist organizations;
  • Labor or fraternal organizations;
  • Commerce and trade associations; and
  • Individuals

Nondiscrimination Policy

Organizations that engage in discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training or services, termination, promotion, and/or retirement based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, or veteran status other than as allowed by law are not eligible to participate in this program.

Appropriate identification

An organization needs to be able to prove its tax-exempt status with current tax documents from its country of residence.

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Why Do You Need Endpoint Protection?

Symantec Endpoint Protection defends businesses from both malware and targeted attacks—protecting against new and unknown threats.

Symantec Endpoint Protection uses Symantec’s Insight platform to collect and collate data from over 200 million systems in 200-plus countries. It uses this data to identify and create a security rating for every file accessed through the Internet. As a result, it stops targeted attacks and advanced, persistent threats with a degree of protection that far exceeds the capacities of traditional anti-virus.

Deployed as an on-premise solution, Symantec Endpoint Protection offers unified management across physical and virtual platforms, with granular policy control for enhanced flexibility and scalability.

Symantec Endpoint Protection is designed for maximum efficiency, enabling hardware to run faster and last longer for performance, and runs on several operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The complete suite is a good fit for medium-sized businesses seeking a more comprehensive range of protection.