Dropbox Sign for Non-Profits

eSignatures have never been this easy

Dropbox Sign allows you to electronically request and add legally binding signatures to any document, from new hire agreements to loans to NDAs. 

How it works

  1. Prepare & Send. Upload the document that needs to be signed from your computer or cloud storage account to Dropbox. Next, you will drag and drop the fields you want to be signed. Finally, add the signer’s email address and click send for signature.
  2. Sign. Your signer will receive an email notification with a link to sign your document on their computer or any mobile device. After the signer has completed their step, the signed document will be available in your Dropbox Sign account immediately.
  3. Manage. Dropbox Sign provides a dashboard to track the progress of signature requests, send reminders to signers, and view all signed documents. You can also customize the branding and manage your team members’ access inside your account settings.

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