Wacom Intuos Pro 2017 Review

The New Wacom Intuos Pro 2017 Review In Few Words (Mini Review) With a new look & nice new features, the new Intuos Pro is a step ahead in advancing graphics tablet, especially with the new feature. It may not be worth it if you own the previous Intuos Pro model, but it’s certainly a great upgrade from the much older Intuos, as well as the Bamboo or the Intuos line (the 2015 models & before). If you own a non-Wacom graphics tablet, this could be one of your options. The rough texture on The new Intuos Pro, while something some artists would like, as it imitates the way paper texture works, could also mean that the pen nib old wear up faster. Something many won’t like.

Read more at Sweet Drawing Blog: The new Wacom Intuos pro review 2017 , Medium & Large (PTH-660P & PTH-860P) Including The New Paper Edition (PTH-860P & PTH-660P) http://sweetmonia.com/Sweet-Drawing-Blog/?p=4676

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