Adobe Creative Cloud – User License vs Device License

When signing up for Adobe Creative Cloud licenses you will have to choose to license on a PER USER or PER COMPUTER basis. As a rule of thumb, the USER licenses are a bit more expensive but they offer more flexibility.

Creative Cloud All-Apps User License

If you purchase user licenses you will have to assign each license to a single person’s email address. The assigned email address can be changed at any time. Then that user will be invited to join your Creative Cloud team. Each user will then have the flexibility to install on 2 computers plus they will gain access to 100 GB of cloud storage.

Creative Cloud All-Apps Device License

For this option you’ll simply purchase the exact number of licenses as computers you want to install on. You will not assign these licenses to an email address. The only downside to this option is that the installation process is MUCH more complicated than it is for user licenses. It’s really more designed for a computer lab environment where an IT administrator is in charge of deploying the software and then multiple users can share the computers.

Have more questions?

Of course, with any option you choose you’ll receive a great discount on non-profit licenses by ordering from Genesis Technologies. Feel free to reach out at 800-433-6326 if you have any additional questions!

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