Carbonite for all your backup needs

As more and more data becomes digital and moves server-side, the importance of properly protecting your information is more vital than ever. Just look at how many cyber security risks 2017 has already seen.

Thankfully, Carbonite is here to help keep your data safe – and as a non-profit, you qualify for severely discounted prices on all their products.

Ready to see what we have to offer? Head on over to our website here.

Which Cubase software is right for you?

Are you a classically trained music producer? Or are you a songwriter operating at a beginners level and looking to sharpen your skills? Cubase has a program for you – and you can discover the right one by checking out this article. It covers three different versions of Cubase, including Cubase Elements, Cubase Pro, and Cubase Artist. It includes each versions unique features and who they are meant for.

We carry all three programs at a non-profit discounted rate, and you can find them on our Steinberg page here.

Who needs expensive gear, anyway?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the biggest setups and the most expensive gear to produce good music. Take a look at Steve Lacy, a young music producer who makes and mixes everything on his phone and an iRig to hook it up to his guitar.

Guess what? You have a phone, we carry iRigs. We’re not saying you’re the next Steve Lacy… but you certainly won’t know unless you try.

Check out our iRig items here.

How can graphic design save lives?

Throughout history, graphic design has aided health campaigns and medical organizations in their quest to promote good health among the public. Examples of this include breast cancer awareness posters, designs that offer appealing aesthetics in hospitals and clinics, and positive pharmaceutical branding and marketing. To see a more comprehensive list of examples of how graphic design has helped save lives, check out the full article here.

If your 501c(3) organization is in need of graphic design software, check out our non-profit software page here. We carry a wide variety, but if you’re not sure which design software is best for you, feel free to chat with us or request a quote.

Who made the list of best photo editing software for 2017?

PC Mag just put out a list of the best photo editing software of 2017, and guess who took home first and second place?
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Adobe continues to set the industry standard for creative design software. Also on the list was Corel Pain Shop Pro, which we carry in addition to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. To see the full list, click here.

If you need software for your organization and want to stay ahead of the digital media curve, check out our Adobe for non-profit page here. You’ll save money when you submit your 501c(3) paperwork to us. You can also find Corel Paint Shop Pro at a non-profit discounted rate here. For a price quote, please feel free to give us a chat.