Dropbox Sign for Non-Profits

eSignatures have never been this easy

Dropbox Sign allows you to electronically request and add legally binding signatures to any document, from new hire agreements to loans to NDAs. 

How it works

  1. Prepare & Send. Upload the document that needs to be signed from your computer or cloud storage account to Dropbox. Next, you will drag and drop the fields you want to be signed. Finally, add the signer’s email address and click send for signature.
  2. Sign. Your signer will receive an email notification with a link to sign your document on their computer or any mobile device. After the signer has completed their step, the signed document will be available in your Dropbox Sign account immediately.
  3. Manage. Dropbox Sign provides a dashboard to track the progress of signature requests, send reminders to signers, and view all signed documents. You can also customize the branding and manage your team members’ access inside your account settings.

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Interested in Cloud-Based Workflows?

Frame.io is an add-on for creative cloud apps to aid in collaboration. This app allows for real-time review and approval, media sharing, Camera to cloud transfers, 100GB of storage, and more. Online feedback will enable you to reduce revision time and manage 5 projects at a time!

Adobe is hosting a free webinar for users to learn more about Cloud-Based Workflows on April 27th at 10am. Register here for the webinar! If you don’t yet have any Adobe creative cloud apps, request a quote for your organization with us. We offer special pricing for 501c3 non-profits and other organizations. Whether you need the full Adobe creative cloud suite or a few individual apps for your creative team we can help!

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Save Big on Software for your Non-Profit

Does your organization need Adobe, Microsoft, or any other security software? We have you covered. 501c3 non-profits can receive special discounts on licensing for your organization. To see our full catalog of products, click here.

Your organization has many needs; security, creativity, organization, and many others. To keep your organization flowing without a hitch, your computers and servers need to be protected. We offer many types of security software to protect your employees’ and organization’s information. Symantec endpoint protection is a popular and well-rated option, when you purchase for your whole organization you can save starting at 25 license for $35.20 each versus the normal $38.20.

Creativity is also so important when looking to promote your brand and events. Adobe Creative Cloud All-Apps has everything you need to create, and share images, documents, and videos. Use Photoshop or Lightroom for all image editing purposes, Illustrator to create graphics, Premiere for all video editing purposes, and so many more apps at your fingertips.

Lastly, organization allows projects to be completed smoothly and effectively. Adobe Creative cloud allows for employees to share progress and add comments on to projects throughout within the apps. Microsoft 365 applications aid organization and communication, keeping your employees connected and informed. Share documents via OneDrive, and communicate using Outlook. All of these apps also work via PCs, tablets and phones.

So many options to keep your 501c3 running smoothly and effectively. To see if you are a qualifying 501c3 non-profit, click here. Request a quote for any of our products here!

Use the Sky Replacement Feature in Photoshop

Photoshop has so many features to spice up your photos. One of the newest ones is the Sky Replacement Feature, select from the built-in sky gallery or create your own with your own images. Photoshop makes it easy, to choose your photo with a dull sky and choose edit > sky replacement. Then you can pick one of the gorgeous sky replacement photos and then Adobe Sensei takes care of the rest.

This is one of the many amazing features that Photoshop offers! Take your photography to the next level by easily removing unwanted objects, blurring backgrounds, layering images and so much more. Check out Adobe Photoshop for Non-Profits here. If you’re looking to get Adobe Creative Cloud for your whole organization or team request a quote today!

2023 Digital Trends presented by Adobe

Register for free for Adobe Presents: Digital Trends Revealed here. Learn about upcoming digital trends from Adobe Executives and other industry leaders. Speakers include Rainn Wilson, Kate Flannery, and Oscar Nunez from the cast of the office. Learn how Adobe can help your business stay up to date with this year’s trends.

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